Re: Just Typographer's Quotes?


DaveE, That’s a reasonable approach, but I don’t want to force users to
have to remember curly quotes when creating content. I’d rather do it at
the moment of display.

Magnus, RubyPants is a great solution, but I can’t help noticing that
RedCloth is much smarter than RubyPants about sentences like 'Tis true
I met him in '04. RedCloth correctly makes both single quotes into
close-quotes, whereas RubyPants incorrectly makes both of them into

So I guess I’m still looking for a way to either use just the quotes
functionality of RedCloth (i.e., not parsing asterisks or underscores,
etc.), or a way to tweak RubyPants (or an alternative) to bring it up to
RedCloth’s level of correctness for parsing quotes.

Any thoughts?


Hi Brian - I use Kramdown (for its multimarkdown support) - it also
converts single and double “inch” and ‘foot’ marks into typographic
quotes, but since the source material determines how the parser works
through the text, I can’t say if the conversion is any more reliable
than RubyPants, or any easier to extract the snippet that does the
conversion - source: - DaveE