Re: jruby-openssl -> jruby-complete.jar

Ali S. wrote:

concerning the same issue, the procedure of modifying the build.xml works for some gems but not all. For instance I tried adding “roxml” gem to the jruby-complete.jar but I my simple 2 line script (require ‘roxml’) fails complaining it cant find the file.

Hmm – too bad :confused:
I tried to change the build.xml in order to directly copy the gem’s data
into the main tree. This are the modifications I made for jruby-openssl:




both within in the “jar-complete” target.
To be honest, I really do not know if that’s the way to go resp. if that
is, what Nick meant!?
Actually, that seem to mess up the jar’s manifest:

java.lang.SecurityException “Invalid signature file digest for Manifest
main attributes”

I hope you have more luck…

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I have had trouble getting bouncycastle libraries rolled into a single
with JarJar. Presumably it has to do with signing. I don’t remember the
details very well and I never came up with a solution that allowed me to
JarJar and bouncycastle.