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This is a permanent, on-site position located in Madison, WI;
relocation probably not available, but you should want to move here
anyway–Madison is a beautiful mid-size city, and quite affordable.

As a UW alumnus let me pump the location a bit. Great city, large
college campus located on an isthmus between two lakes. It has a great
student union on the lake (which you can become a member of last I
checked), lots to do on State Street, including lots of pubs, not to
mention the college sports if you’re into that.

I’m not certain exactly where this job is within Madison, but you’re
never more than 20 minutes away from the campus (unless the city has
grown tremendously since I left in '92). I’m sure there’s plenty of
stuff to do over in East Towne or West Towne as well. :slight_smile:

Some other random trivia:

The Badger hockey team won the college hockey championship this year.
They’re usually a pretty good team.
Portions of the movie “Back to School” were shot there.
It’s the original home of “The Onion”.
Did I mention the co-eds? :stuck_out_tongue:
The band “Garbage” formed there.
You can get “special” brownies at the Mifflin Street block party!
(although, they may have cracked down on that)

I hope you didn’t mind this post Jonathan!



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I’ll second all of that. We moved away from Madison almost a year ago,
we still miss it.


Gosh, thanks for adding weight to my otherwise baseless assertion
that Madison is a beautiful city! I’d add that it has more parks per
square mile than any other city of its size, and is extraordinarily
bicycle-friendly. This is a good thing, as I occasionally bike the
11 miles between my house and our offices on the far west side (off
Old Sauk past the Beltline).

I really encourage folks to throw their hat into the ring, if you’re
coming to Rails from a more traditional web development background.
You need not be a Rails guru–we need a great HTMList and
Javascripter, too. However, there will be tons of opportunity to
contribute to and learn from the Rails side of things.