Re: Is it a ruby bug?

First , a lot thanks to Phil [email protected]

I did it as but
still failed.

Any ideas ?


It seems I got the key , thanks for all you guys.

On 13 Sep 2007, at 14:54, Tim.Teng wrote:

linux-tim:/home/tim/develop_software/ruby-1.8.6-p36/ext/readline #
ruby extconf.rb
checking for tgetnum() in -lncurses… yes
checking for readline/readline.h… no
checking for editline/readline.h… no

It couldn’t find the readline header files, so you need to make sure
you have these installed. I don’t know how Suse does package
management but I would have thought there should be a readline
package for installing somewhere.

Alex G.

Bioinformatics Center
Kyoto University