Re: introducing CGRAN: 3rd party GNU Radio application support



Thank you for your efforts.

Can you add a blogging page to us? I think blogging is very important.
Kindly see :

It belong to Dimitris S… He said that he started it " to keep a
log of the problems I face and how I solve them".

I think it is very useful.

Best Regards,



You’re welcome!

Hmmm… I think blogging might be outside the scope. But, I think I can
tie it in.

What I was thinking was publishing a list of contributors, simple: Name
and Affiliation (no contact information), and your name could link to an
external blog or a personal webpage.

  • George


hi firas, thanx for the publicity :slight_smile:

you know, is available. i can create it and
create author accounts to whoever wants one…

however, i think it might overlap with the discuss gnuradio mailing

Dimitris S.
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