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Hi All,

I am confused on this reply, posted on
. The reply said that “With the RFX2400, and most of the high frequency
there is no IF frequency”. How is that possible? For RFX2400 the RF
range is
from 2.3GHz to 2.9GHz, the ADC rate for USRP1 is 64MS/s. If there is no
frequency, the ADC rate is obviously too low. There must be RF front-end
the daughterboard to tune the RF to the IF. Right? If so, my question is
what the IF is? Obviously, f_IF = f_RF - f_LO. (1) Are we setting the
when we tune the usrp by usrp.tune(self.u, 0, self.subdev, target_freq)?
How to figure out f_IF for different daughterboards?

Thanks in advance,

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