Re: Interactive IronRuby "Try Ruby in Your Browser" Shell

Silver light and ironruby, I like that idea… Keep me posted … I
would love contribute …2

On May 12, 2008, at 3:35 PM, Oleg T. [email protected] wrote:

Thanks for posting it here.
This is just ASP.NET page hosting Ruby runtime server side. Probably
Silverlight would be a better fit here, at least then the worst you
could do is to crash your browser instead of server.
Hey, we can build complete Ruby IDE with Silverlight!


M. David P. wrote:
For those who haven’t seen this, Oleg T., one of the XML MVP’s,
hacked together a 0.first.hack version of the “Try Ruby in Your Browser”
demo last night. >

From what I can tell, this doesn’t use Silverlight in any way, shape, or form > < sending each command back to the server for processing. Not sure how he’s handling state, but it certainly seems to be handling state management just fine.

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Hi Unni.

I do not understand, why do you always want to start a new thread for an
existing thread with a Re- Title

Starting a thread for an existing thread does not make real sense. You
will not fetch better results that way.

It would be better to start a new thread for a new topic.

I hope if not offended you, but it was required since you have started
many threads with a Re-Title for existing threads


Ironically, I haven’t noticed since GMail has continued to thread the

Out of curiosity what reader are you using?

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