Re: Integration of python's time.time() and work() calls

Hi Marcus,

Thank you for your patient replies. Last question.

Your block is asked “I’d like to ask you to produce 512 items. How much
input do you need?”.

If your block then says “I need 400 items”,

This means that for the block to output 512 items it needs 400 items in

no matter for how many items GNU Radio asks,

What number is this? Isn’t it the block that asks for items?

Do you mean GNURadio will first assume that the block needs some
number of items in the input, say 1000 but after forecast call if the
says it only needs 400, then GNURadio reduces the number to 400, look
and if available, provide 400 items to the block? Is that it?

Also, I can specify that the block needs 400 items in the forecast but I
can consume less than that, is that correct?

Thanks a lot

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