Re: Instant Rails -- Are You Using it?

Hi Curt,

thanks for providing this all in one convenient package.

Preview3 has worked well for me (on XP). One thing I noticed
is that admin rights (AR) seem to actually be mandatory when
installing. One gets a warning that not everything might be
working otherwise, but then config files are not patched to
point to the actual install directory, and servers won’t start.
Perhaps it’d be clearer to just require AR?
Starting the thing once installed seems to work with my regular
account. I’ve only looked at the cookbook, though. I wish I
had more time to delve into RoR - but your bundle certainly
removes a hurdle and gives one excuse less not to get started.

OTOH if it was possible to get this working without AR at all,
it might help some developers to get their skunk works started.
At work for example I don’t have AR - yes they’re that tight…
Anyway this is but a suggestion. As to the apache & mysql versions,
I have no strong preference, save for something that “just works”.

Thanks again and cheers,


I’ve download it several times. Sometimes it will not install on Windows
2003 servers. Don’t know why. Sometimes will install, but mySQL will not
start. Sometimes SCGI won’t start. preview3 seems to be better. I really
like the fact that it’s a ‘one piece’ drop-in. It would be nice to have
better instructions on how to reconfigure it for multiple apps. Even
a ‘real world domain name’, should be able to use an IP address to hit
webapp from another box.

I’d really like to have MySQL 5.0, since I can make valid business case
migrating from SQL SERVER to that db.

Apache 2,0 would be good. Isn’t that a requirenment to run subversion.
I don’t have a lot of exerience with either version. But, if Apache 1.3
more stable on windows platforms, then I’d probably want to stay with


On 11/7/05, baldyeti [email protected] wrote:

Perhaps it’d be clearer to just require AR?

Thanks again and cheers,


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