Re: In search of elegant indices searching

Dear ‘uncutstone’, Dear Tim,

thank you for your replies - and the lot of work you put in it!


now it gets weird, this means the 4th position of x is 5 and of w is
4… Why only that result? Seems a little arbitrary, why doesn’t the
result contain:

You’re correct, I’d like to have it that way, actually - I am just too
today even to make up an example correctly - but that doesn’t matter,
if you can rely on friendly people :slight_smile:

And how come y is left out of the results alltogether?

That is done on purpose - I want to be able specify an Array
of variables which are not fixed here - in this case [‘y’],
in fact, one of the values of any of the variables must change
in my data, but all of the others or some of the others can remain
the same and I must account for that.

I think I can work with your proposals very well now.

Thank you,

Best regards,