Re: in_place_editor on Rails 1.2.1 seems to be broken

I have a similar problem.
I am using in_place_editor with the :load_text_url option:

<%= h file_contents %>
<%= in_place_editor 'editme', :url => url_for({ :action => 'save_file', :path => file_path }), :load_text_url => url_for({ :action => 'file_contents', :path => file_path }), :save_text => 'save', :rows => 30, :cols => 88 %>

The contents of a file is rendered inside the div.
Whenever I click it, the in_place_editor does some strange escaping to
the file contents:

< (less than) becomes <

(greater than) becomes >
& (ampersand) becomes &
" (double quote) becomes "

At the end of the file, double slashes ( // ) are added.

I tried a couple of other special characters ( * / \ # ’ @ § ).
Those do not get escaped…
If I hit cancel and the form closes, all changes made to < > & " are

Funny thing is when I save the form and reopen it,
those escapes escape themselves ( < ==> &lt; )…

Slashes inside the file_path also get escaped (%2F).


I use a JS call to get width/height of the current window
but I have no idea how to assign those values to :rows/:cols…?

p.s.: early I answered Rolando’s post using google-groups but that seems
to have failed.
If anyone gets my post twice I apologize…