Re: In ofdm example, is channel estimation work only done in one preamble per frame or each symbol p

OK. I have cc it to mailing list.

Here is my response message, looking forward to your reply.

I am doing the experiment over the air. I am not using VERBOSE, but I
the simliar method, just extract hestimate value from the code and print
out (cout<<…)directly. However, as I mentioned before, the terminal
serverl sets of hestimate value followed one frame, which make me so
confused. It should be one set for one frame.

By the way, can you tell me how to simulate it without any outside
And I also want to plot the channel, can you tell me how to save the
hestimate data in a file and how to use this data to plot the channel.

Thank you so much again.

2013/4/6 Tom R. [email protected]