RE: IDE recommendations?

Curtis wrote:

But the best option would be to purchase a dual-core Mac (Mini or
MacBook) and develop on OS X…dual-booting into Windows when
neccessary (or another nice option mentioned has been virtualization
software which can run windows inside OS X). Then you can have
TextMate… :slight_smile: I realize this is probably not a viable option for
most, but it’s the final straw in my Switch. :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest something similar, too. :slight_smile:

What that doesn’t give you is autocomplete in the true sense. TextMate
looks like it has some very nice macro expansion but not a true
autocomplete. My definition of ac is to type an object name a period
and then see a list of methods available for that object. As some other
poster said it’s a great way to investigate/learn complex class
heirarchies without having to constantly refer to the docs.

Of course I’m not a Mac or TextMate user so I could be WAY off base
here. TextMate looks to have very powerful macro expansion but so do
many others (perhaps not as nice tho).

Vim 7 compiled with Ruby apparently can have autocomplete but I’m yet to
a) compile it on Win32 or b) find a compiled version with Ruby embedded.
Vim is not for the timid though. Throw a novice at most editors and
without help they could create a text document. This is not really the
case with Vim it has an almost vertical learning curve until you “get


I find the best way to find those is to use script/console and enable
tab completion in “.irbrc”. Best way to find stuff if you need info.

Save this file as ~/.irbrc and play around in irb or in console.

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