RE: I need more bling!


I’ve decided that it’s much easier to
show paragraphs and headings (look at all the nice blog sites
out there) than rows and columns, but that doesn’t mean that
rows and columns needs to look like crap!

True that. But, one good resource for CSS-tricks is the CSS-List Wiki:

List of links to style “Nicer Tables”:

Oh well - my graphic artist friend is off now mocking up some
pages for me in Dreamweaver. She thinks it doesn’t look that
bad as it currently stands; I’m not sure if that’s a good or
bad thing.

Sounds like a good thing!


I want to eat this homepage:
No tables ! Of course, check out the “demo” page of the actual product,
it does indeed use tables.
DD’s are good to use for tablesque stuff. The W3C has some pretty good
descriptions of exactly what should be used for what in the layout
I know this stuff as I’ve read about it… Personally, I couldn’t design
way out of a wet paper bag with the scissor tool.


2006/2/25, Dylan S. removed_email_address@domain.invalid:

I want to eat this homepage:

I also love their design. I bought mint just to look at the beautiful
tabular data :slight_smile: