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Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2007 11:48:23 AM
Subject: I need help debugging my program

I’m new to Ruby and I’m trying out a very basic user input program. The
codes below and also I’ve indicated the line giving me grief.

That is not surprising since Ruby does not automatically cast values
like it is done in other languages.

puts “What is your name?”
name = gets.chomp
puts “How old are you?”
age = gets.chomp

You may have written the above as

age = gets.chomp.to_i


Note that does nothing since in your code age is already a string
and you do not use the resulting value.

puts “What year is it?”

year = gets.chomp

add a .to_id to get an integer.
and since you do the same thing twice, you could:

def geti

then use geti and later improve it to detect an incorrect integer

birth = year -= age #*********************************************

Why do you use the -= which has a side effect on the year variable?

birth = year - age

puts name + " is " + age + " and was born in " + birth

will not work since now you would be adding strings and integers

You could write:

puts name + " is " + age.to_s + " and was born in " + birth.to_s

or in more Ruby style:

puts “#{name} is #{age} and was born in #{birth}”

Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks!

You are most welcome,


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