Re: How would this Perl script look in Ruby?

Can somebody please me tell the way to write this script in Ruby?


  1. In one window, open a text editor.

  2. In another window open your Ruby documentation, for example
    or buy and open a book such as
    Pragmatic Bookshelf: By Developers, For Developers

    (ditto if you need Perl documentation to understand the original

  3. Type in your Ruby program.

  4. Run it.

If you get stuck at point 4 - for example if your program doesn’t work
the way you expect it - then feel free to come back to this mailing list
with a specific question. Show the piece of Ruby code which is failing,
together with the complete error message, and everything you’ve done to
to work out what is happening. Include information on the version of
and the platform you’re running under (i.e. operating system version)

For more information on this process, see

Anything that looks like (a) a homework assignment, or (b) something
your employer has asked you to do, but you couldn’t be bothered even to
attempt yourself, is likely to be ignored.