Re: how to stop the top_block and restart signal transmission

Hi Guanbo,

In my case, I added a tb.wait() after the tb is unlock to wait for the
unlock action finished, so that the last line shows. However, it still
gives the carrier wave on the oscilloscope. I also tried
top_block._u._subdev.set_enable(False) to completely disable the
transmitter then set_enable(True) to re-enable the transmitter based on
hardware consideration, but it still doesn’t work as my expectation. If
any idea comes up to solve this problem, I will really appreciate.

I also concern if the message_source and the insert_tail that I’m using
is correct or not?

I really appreciate all of your help! Really appreciate!


Hi Yan

I did it as well, but it seem wait for infinite time before it is
But without the lock() and unlock(), everything returns to normal.