Re: How to speed up ruby and make it as fast as possible

Hi Bill,
I appreciate the more constructive tone. By the way, I was unfamiliar
with the term “troll” in this context, so looked it up on Wikipedia.
Let me assure you that I am not seeking ways to be inflammatory, and
certainly have not disguised my identity.

You say you jumped into the middle of the threat, so may not be aware
that I did not make the sweeping statement that Ruby is too slow for
real world applications. I agree that its speed is adequate for many
applications. How to categorize application areas is difficult, and
almost any such attempt would be subject to criticism. Your example
about 3D graphics is, indeed, a good illustration of one that would not
be suitable for Ruby.

I like dynamic scripting languages for productivity and do not expect
them to accomplish tasks that require the performance of C. My main
interest is in developing what are sometimes called business
productivity applications, applications that could be developed, say,
with Visual Basic 6. For example, I have written an advanced text
editor with the WxRuby library. I loved the rapid application
development that Ruby helped to facilitate. There are sometimes
noticeable delays, however, in the processing of events by the user
interface, e.g., keyboard events. My experience with other scripting
languages suggests that such delays are not inevitable with a
contemporary scripting languageand modern machinery, so I hope that
Ruby’s speed can be improved enough to eliminate these problems. I
realize that a speedier algorithm might exist, but the search for it and
redesign if found also involve development time taken away from other
efforts to advance the application.

Ruby Speed improvements, combined with the ability to create truly
stand-alone Windows executables, are, in fact, important enough to me
that I would pay for commercial Ruby tools that delivered these
features. Knowing of such market demand by me and others, there may be
Ruby entrepreneurs who respond accordingly. On the other hand, if those
of us who need better performance are discounted for raising such
concerns, an impression may be left that the current language projects
and timelines are adequate. This is not to put blame on the core
language developers, but to better convey the extent of interest in such
enhancements to the Ruby development environment.


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