Re: How to find out object type

But that then would assume I know what the object might be. I mean, do
I really test for all primitive object types? Someone else sent the
.class which will give a “hint” as to the class the object was
created with. This seems to fit what I was looking for.

Many thanks to all!

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On 2/20/07, Phy P. [email protected] wrote:

umm, perhaps I am doing something wrong:

irb(main):005:0> o.kind_of(0)
NoMethodError: undefined method kind_of' for 123:Fixnum from (irb):5 irb(main):006:0> o.kind_of(1) NoMethodError: undefined method kind_of’ for 123:Fixnum
from (irb):6

methods may have punctuation in ruby. kind_of?( OBJECT ) uses a

It makes it into a question. Effectively what happens as I understand
it is
you ask the object what kind of object are you?


o.kind_of?( Fixnum )