Re: How to check NTFS file permissions?

incarnation of the machine I’m on.

However it is marked Read Only, and there doesn’t seem to be
any way to change it. Properties window says it is Read only
(with a square, not a
checkmark) and Hidden, and it lets me think I’m changing it,
even asks if I want to change all subordinates, but never
changes it. That’s an OT, but I’d be happy to hear a solution to it.

I’m not sure what you mean by “with a square, not a checkmark”. It’s
either read only or it’s not.

The problem I’m having is that File.readable? and
File.executable? both give me true for that directory, but if
I try Dir.chdir into it, it throws an exception.

Is there a check I can do, or is my only option: rescue

Perhaps win32-file could help you.