Re: How can I populate header values in SOAP document?

I was able to get the namespace abbreviations right by returning a hash
from on_simple_outbound instead of a string, letting the API handle the
conversion to XML.

A handler to add authentication parameters to the SOAP header.

class AutheticationHeaderHandler < SOAP::Header::SimpleHandler
@@HEADER_NAME = ‘WSAuthHeader’
def initialize(namespace, username, password)
super(, @@HEADER_NAME))
@user_element =, ‘User’)
@password_element =, ‘Password’)
@username, @password = username, password

 def on_simple_outbound
   # Seems to result in the creation of elements with the proper

# abbreviation, e.g. ‘ns1:UserJohnDoe</ns1:User>’
{@user_element => @username, @password_element => @password}

… As before …

ws.headerhandler <<, user,

Of course, this could be generalized to handle an arbitrary set of child
data, as in your example below.

Thanks again!

Brian H.

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