Re: How can I overwrite class variables

Do you know of any tutorials where you can actually practice Ruby in
actual projects? Not tutorials on the Ruby syntax (projects using Ruby)

I’ll tell you what has helped me the most (and this may not be the
solution for you). I’ve been using another language for misc projects at
work. I’ve been reading and even took an on-line Ruby course to get up
to speed. But even the class projects didn’t help me as much as having
an actual project to work on. It’s one thing, as you’re finding out, to
go through tutorials, but an entirely different thing to have to work
out the solution using Ruby. In many cases, I knew how I would attack
the problem. What I really needed to understand was how do I do it using
an object oriented language, something I wasn’t use to, and what
conventions I Ruby used vs. what I was use to using. But my own projects
really helped me understand some of the basics much better than anything