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Hi Lance,

On 11/7/06, seph 004 [email protected] wrote:

changing register for now). I am using a slightly modified version of the
test_usrp_standard_tx program to test my FPGA build. So far though, none of
the signals I’ve tried to send have been transmitted (I have a scope on the
daughterboard output). Below is the modified module:

Did you make sure that the output debug pins, that your logic analyzer
connected to, have been enabled?

module tx_buffer

input wire [3:0] channels,
input clear_status,

reg [3:0] load_next;
load_next <= #1 4’d0;
4’d2 : tx_i_1 <= #1 ramdata;
else if(WR & ~write_count[8])
tx_underrun <= 1’b0;
.wraddress ( wrptr ),
// Debugging Aids
help would be greatly appreciated.




Thanks for taking a look. I have made sure to enable my outputs, and I
can see the effects of changes to the verilog. I am still having trouble
with the transmitting though. I know what the wave I’m transmitting is
supposed to look like on the scope (it’s the same as the normal
std_2rxhb_2tx.rbf and the test_usrp_standard_tx.) the only difference is
my FPGA build will hold the signal in tx_buffer, instead of streaming to
the tx_chain module immediately.



On Fri, Nov 10, 2006 at 12:55:06AM -0800, seph 004 wrote:

// USB Side of FIFO
assign have_space = 1’b1; //quick fix for now. (wrptr <= 4000) not


Setting have_space to a constant 1 effectively turns off flow control
from the host through the FX2 to the FPGA.

Thus, the host will blast away, and you’ll be left with only what fit
in the single FIFO. About 2048 samples IIRC.