Re: gr-pager compile problem

Programs that decode flex Digital paging transmissions in the 900mhz
band I believe

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On Jan 21, 2010, at 12:24 AM, Demijan K. [email protected] wrote:


which packages did you have to install to make it work?

I’ve had something really weird happen. I made a fresh install of Ubuntu
9.04 on two different machines, followed by gnuradio install
based on instructions on: .

Even though the installation was performed identically on both machines,
gnuradio was built error free on the first one (Intel Dual Core), while
on the
second one (Intel Xeon) I got the famous gr-pager compile error.

In the worst case, what exactly does gr-pager do? Would it be bad
to just skip building it?

Thanks a lot,

I have seen several report gr-pager compilation problems.

I ran into this on a computer. The solution was straightforward. I did
not have <> of the packages from

installed because given the apt-get command indicated on that page
resulted in some installed packages. Once done, I did a

make distclean

and all went well.


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