Re: GPS, DBS-RX, and interference?


Any advice on choosing a better oscillator. Would it be a simple
Searching 90 kHz, is not something I want to do :slight_smile: Thanks.


Krzysztof Kamieniecki wrote:

that far off on the DBS-RX board, or is this some sort of
interference/real signal? If I put my hand close to the antenna the
signal attenuates to the noise floor. Any ideas?

The oscillator on the USRP is spec’ed to 50 ppm, so you could be as much
as 79 kHz off plus doppler. The hand near antenna experiment confirms
that it is an external signal, not something on the USRP/DBSRX.



You might be able to special order the same oscillator from CTX in the
+/- 10 PPM version. Other options include using an external oscillator,
or measuring the actual frequency of the oscillator on board.