Re: GNU Radio on Windows

Chris Albertson wrote:
<< Try VMware. They have made VMware Player free. >>

I actually came across this idea a few days ago in one of the Ubuntu
forums. One of the potential problems that I found on Wikipedia was as

Known limitations of VMware products, as of February 2007, include the

  • VMware virtual machines provide no direct USB 2.0 support, but make
    USB 2.0 devices in the host operating-system visible to the guest
    operating-system as USB 1.1 devices. According to the VMware Workstation
    6.0 beta release notes, version 6 will offer USB 2.0 support.

This would be a killer for USRP, however there seems to be hope in
future versions of VMware. If anybody is successful, this would be a
great way to get broader user base.

Personally, I have GNU Radio running under Cygwin on a Windows XP laptop
connected to a USRP. The installation experience was a bit painful, but
if you follow the directions given on very carefully, you can
get it all working. Also, I’m using Josh B.'s GNU Radio Companion
(GRC) development GUI ( Josh Knows | GNU Radio Companion ) and it’s
very helpful. It’s analogous to Simulink for those familiar with
MATLAB. I highly recommend it.

                                           John Stralka

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