Re: GNU Radio on Windows XP (or Vista...)

I just got Vista myself, and I noticed a feature you
can enable called Subsystem for Unix Applications. I
haven’t had time to try it yet, but I believe that
will let you install GNURadio. If I find out anything
else, I’ll let you know.

John B.

I’ve been asked about getting the code we are using
running on a
XP or Vista based box.

Is there a ‘easy’ to understand installable package,
or do I have to
setup a cygwin environment
(or having set cygwin up, is there a packaged tar
image…), and then
compile from sourced
to get things going?

Also, on the topic of Windows support, is the
‘graphics’ using the
windows native environment
or does one have to run an X server?

John C…

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