Re: GMSK MODULATOR output different after modulation and according to UHD_FFT

There was gain settings problem.
Sometimes gain issues do arrive as I saw.

I powered off the devices,changed gain after analyzing best response of
uhd_fft for a normal random source gmsk modulated signal.

It’s performing fine now

Jay Prakash


As per my experience with USRP-N210 and RFX2400, if gain setting are
and this causes signal amplitude to be > -20/30 dBm then the received
signal will be distorted.
To overcome this

  1. Reduce Rx-Gain
  2. OR Reduce Tx-Gain
  3. OR Increase distance between USRP

This distortion maybe due to USRP ADC saturation at signal >-20/30dBm
but i
am not sure. Maybe someone from Ettus-Research may comment on it

On Wed, Jun 12, 2013 at 4:27 PM, Jay Prakash