Re: GMSK demodulation (Thomas Tsou)

On 8/23/07, Jeffrey K. [email protected] wrote:

Hello all

i am looking at gmsk again. i had two questions come up.

  1. does clock recovery normally take place after fm demod?


Let me reword that, what is the benefit of doing fm demod then clock
recovery versus clock recovery then fm demod.

  1. what clock recovery algo would one normally find in a receiver like
    a GSM receiver?

M&M, Gardner, wired clocks… You’re going to have to be more specific here.

the GMSK block uses M&M. Let’s take a standard cell phone as example.
What are the chances if I had the DSP code of cell phone that I would
find M&M in there. Is Gardner any better? et cetera…

Does any of that make any sense or am I off in the woods somewhere?