Re: Get action back from Gtkmozembed

I haven’t tested this, but it should work.

Suppose that you put your textbox and button in an HTML form with a GET

Username: When the user fills out the form and clicks submit, GtkMozembed will try to open the url "html_form_action.html?user=dan".

So in your code, set up a handler for the ‘open_uri’ signal and examine
the url that the user is trying to open. If it looks like
“html_form_action.html?user=XXX” then handle the signal yourself,
extract the XXX and use the data however you want.


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Hi guys,

If i use Gtkmozembed without a webserver, using it with just ruby and a
template library, if i make a textinput or button or anything, how can i
read back the data? anyone have a suggestion?

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I have no idea how to do this, i tried some codes and none worked, i
dont know well how to work with http >.< need some help
this is the code im using to render the data, mab is a markup generated
from markaby

(window =“destroy”) {Gtk.main_quit}
gecko =

gecko.open_stream “file:///”, “text/html”
gecko.append_data “#{mab}”


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