Re: Functional tests, viewing the response


On Mon, 2005-11-14 at 05:32 -0700, Pat M. wrote:

On 11/14/05, Pat M. removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:

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On Oct 14, 2005, at 3:05 AM, Pat M. wrote:

I keep getting the following test failure:
Expected response to be a <:redirect>, but was <200>

It’s been nearly a month, but I just got around to looking back at
this. Still getting the error. Some people suggested it was because
of fixtures, but I’m just doing a post, so fixtures aren’t involved.
I displayed the response, and it’s just the basic login page, there
are no error messages at all. Here’s my code:

I had a similar problem with the Salted Hash login code, and it turned
out that one of the tests depends on working transactions in the
database. Since I was testing with MyISAM tables in MySQL, the test
failed. Changing the table to InnoDB solved the problem.

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