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Your response is useful, but I too am curious about where to find some
documentation regarding the correlator block.

  1. I can look at the source code for gr_simple_correlator, and see that
    is a “finite state machine”, but I have no idea what the block is doing
    each of the states. I look at the source code of
    and see a few comments related to PN codes, but this is confusing
    because I
    thought that has to do with de-spreading a DSSS signal, not necessarily
    demodulation. A coherent explanation of what this thing is doing,
    preferably put in the source code in a way that Doxygen can harvest it
    be very, very nice. If you or anyone can point me to this, I would be
    to put it in the source code myself.

  2. True or False: The way this block gets used in the examples it looks
    it is making a hard decision about the state of a bit. In other words,
    there would be no way to generate a posterior probability from this
    and do some kind of soft decision decoding.

  3. What I am looking to do for my project is generate a set of posterior
    probabilities from a 2-FSK modulated signal. Do you know of any
    blocks that do something like this already, or am I going to have to
    my own?



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