Re: frequency synthesis

Hi, Josh,

Thanks a lot!
They are results of two USRP1.
Now I use USRP E100 to transmit, USRP1 to receive, I got
with rx_ascii_art_dft
Seems there is no signal. I checked it with
The frequency offset is too large. There must be something wrong, so
I change to use USRP1 for transmission and E100 for receiving, then I
There is a signal near 5500.5MHz

Do I need to add more parameters for transmission with e100?
sudo ./tx_waveforms --rate 2e6 --freq 5.5e9 --ampl 1.0 --ant J1
–wave-type SINE --wave-freq 0.5e6
sudo ./rx_ascii_art_dft --rate 2e6 --freq 5.5e9 --ant J1 --num-bins 256
–dyn-rng 120