Re: Forthcoming 2nd ed. of _The Ruby Way_

Patrick H. [mailto:removed_email_address@domain.invalid] wrote:

#* Variable Scope
#* Regular Expressions
#* Unit Testing
#* Module
#* Class
#* Metaprogramming
#* Domain Specific Languages
#* Continuations
#* Threads and Processes
#* Extensions
#* Embedding Ruby

how about a pocket-size book on each of those, sort of like a

Mastering RegEx TRW
Mastering Unit Testing TRW
Mastering Metaprogramming TRW

Thinking like Guy Decoux TRW (w a detailed compilation of Guy’s postings

(the last one definitely i’d buy as long as Guy signs it :slight_smile:

the advantage of this is that we can quickly produce more books in ruby

my big ruby books usuall sit on my shelf, but the pocket books always go
wherever i go :slight_smile:

just a thought on why small is beautiful or less is more :wink: