Re: Finding or

Hi all

I want to find a example file. and
But, I cannot found it in gnu radio3.1.3

Does any one know which gnu radio has this file.


I found them here:[email protected]/msg14090.html

Unfortunately they won’t work with current version of gnuradio.
Anyway you should try something like this for BFSK modulation:

for the TX:

self.cpfsk_mod = gr.cpfsk_bc(modulation_index, 1,
self.gain = gr.multiply_const_cc(16000)

    self.connect(self.src, self.cpfsk_mod, self.gain, self.usrp)

while in RX:

self.demod = gr.quadrature_demod_cf(20)
self.dec = gr.keep_one_in_n(gr.sizeof_float, self.decimation)
self.slicer = gr.binary_slicer_fb()

    self.connect(self.usrp, self.demod, self.dec, self.slicer,



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