RE: FileSystemWatcher - has any one done this?

My dream is to have a folder always being watched. and if
someone drops a file or folders with files into that watched
folder, I take the filename(s) and insert them into a db and
if the files are in folder I use the folder name(s) as tags
for that file.

make sense? can it be done? I’m still real new at this and
have big dreams, eh? i have’t seen any tutorials one how to
do this in ROR, I’ve seen .Net and coldfusion.

If Rails provides this functionality I’m not aware of it.

Some platforms provide vendor-specific solutions (e.g.
win32-changejournal for Windows, ruby-inotify for Linux). If you want a
platform neutral solution you’ll just have to setup some kind of polling
mechanism where you check the contents of a directory every X seconds
and look for differences manually.

If .NET and ColdFusion provide this functionality I’d love to know how.
Through the webserver itself perhaps?



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