Re: Feature request: support access_log in IF block

“if (url contains something)” is basically a location directive.
What you want is sublocations/nested locations which are supported but
undocumented, because they don’t work 100% correctly.


I have a question please. Given the following scenario:

location whatever regex

location regex2 {
error_page xyz;

location regex3 {
error_page abc;

proxy_pass whatever;


If regex2 matches and it applies error_page xyz, will the processing
continue so that the “proxy_pass whatever” statement executes? Or does
the first matching sub-location directive effectively end the processing
chain and my proxy_pass must appear within each sub-location block?

undocumented, because they don’t work 100% correctly.

Can you please explain what is not working 100% correctly with
sub/nested locations? If you can be very specific that would help
because depending on what the issues are I may still be able to use it
if it would not affect my me based on my configuration and what I need
to do.

Thank you very much!