Re: Error/exception documentation

From: Chris D. [mailto:[email protected]]

thx jan, i’ll have a look at it.
i still believe it would be better to have this information
included in
each method description since it really shouldn’t take more than a few
seconds to look it up. =)

It definitely should. Ruby’s documentation has been a sore spot for a
long time, but it’s getting better all the time, quickly.

How? By volunteers writing it. Please feel free to join the ruby-doc
mailing list and volunteer to begin modifying the documentation to
include these exceptions as you find them.

(I’m not sure what smiley covers the phrase “Yes, I’m being a smartass,
but I’m also dead serious. Documentation only gets written when people
write it.” Perhaps a wink. Let’s go with that.)


Gavin K. wrote:


you’re right to say so =)
if i find the time im surely going to try and help a bit with the docs.

cheers chris

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