Re: Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB), anybody running gr-dab?

Hi Ruben and all,

thank you for your response. I am not sure if my last response found
it’s way to you and the list. Nevertheless it contained a typo error. To
keep it short:

I could just test it again and indeed the -c switch (fine frequency
correction) did the trick. Both USRP N210 and an rtl-sdr dongle work

Am Mittwoch, 26. August 2015 18:01 CEST, Ruben U.
[email protected] schrieb:

Extending the code to support audio reception will be happily appreciated. I was
intending to do that, but I was a bit overwhelmed back them, and didn’t get time
for it. It should not be very hard according to Andreas.

I’m not aware of any other GNU Radio code that supports audio reception. Anyone

Before receiving audio I think a few additions have to be made to the
fib_sink_vb_impl class.
The process_fig method needs to be extended to support more FIG types
and their extensions.
I tried to do that on my own yesterday, but it is quite exhausting –
you really need some time to read the standard and implement the code.
Nevertheless the project is really well-prepared and it’s pretty nice to
already work on bits instead of symbols as the signal processing,
demodulation and channel decoding is already done.

There is another nice DAB project at [1], but as far as I have seen it
is not based on gnuradio. Nevertheless USRPs are supported via UHD (not
sure if yet available as not displayed in the GUI) and several other
hardware. Though I haven’t compiled it because of lack of dependencies
on my Linux Mint. In my Win7 VM I have trouble to get the rtl-sdr driver
issues resolved. In /src/backend you find their fib_processor. An MSC
handler is implemented as well (for DAB/MP2, DAB+/MP4).


[1] Software defined radio