Re: debugging proposal

I went ahead and simplified the code + made an extension (you
can find it attached).
[Florian, are you reading this?]

BTW, it now works with ruby 1.8 too (just remove the
File.expand_path calls in dbg.rb).


Attached is a fix for getting the correct binding.
rb_eval_string(“binding”) actually returns the binding for “eval”.

args[4] = rb_eval_string(“binding”);

args[4] = rb_funcall( self, rb_intern(“binding”), 0);

The binding is now correct:

["./debugee.rb:8:in say'", "./debugee.rb:4:inhello’", “dbg.rb:37”]

I’ll play around with porting most of the debug.rb functionality into a
console debugger - should not be too hard, as the signature for the
breakpoint_func is the same as for trace_func.

Any ideas on how to make this a remote debugger? Drb is nice, but my
goal is still to integrate this into eclipse, which means Drb is not
going to work (tried running a drb client from Jruby - no luck).


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