Re: debugging code for seeing what threads are created

When using the single-threaded-scheduler, if the flow graph consists >of more
than 1 distinct subgraph, each subgraph will get its own >thread. (Most often
you’ll see this with a transceiver, where the Tx >and Rx are implemented by
separate hier blocks that are contained by >the single top_block, but aren’t
otherwise connected to each other.)
Hi Eric,
I am interested in what you say about 2 threads for Tx and Rx separately
in 1 script. I am currently modifying benchmark script and let it
contain bot h Rx and Tx path.

I am wondering how could I invoke them separately? I intend to invoke Rx
path to do something first, then invoke Tx path (both would use USRP)
and make then in a loop (which will run for several times, I use
tb.stop() and tb.wait() to control). But I get error when it comes to
the second time of the loop. Is this because the threads are conflicted
with each other?