Re: Dawei Shen's tutorials

Hi Eric,

I was serching for the tutorials but I could not find it. Can you please
help me in this regard, because I am just about to start the GNU Radio

Thank you


The tutorials moved:

< > is more reliable; JNL’s doc’s will likely
change once we get ourselves a bit more organized w/r.t. our WWW
presence (while JNL’s group “own”, we’re still migrating
documents over onto it and have yet to implement a WiKi or other
means for keeping things updated). Also note that this tutorial is
now maybe 6 months since last updated since Dawei has left UND for
other pastures. We’re working to move his and my GR on OSX tutorial
into a more standard location, and with better UI. Slowly but
surely, it will come. - MLD

On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 01:26:18PM -0400, Lee P. wrote:

The tutorials moved:

Unless they have recently been updated, they are getting to be quite
out of date. That is why we took the link down.

Also, since they are not under our control, we have been unable to
correct them.


Document states the date of May 19, 2005. It doesn’t appear to be

cheerio Berndt

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