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Hi All,

I am trying to detect the cycle (or period) time of a cyclic data
transmitter by sensing the channel. The transmitter can be any general e.g.
FSK/ZigBee/Bluetooth etc, and transmitting a fixed packet after every ‘T’
ms. I am interested to detect this T using GNURadio/USRP.

You info is not enough.

For a cyclic transmitter there is a transmission duty cycle and
repetition cycle. From what I understand, you are trying to measure
repitition cycle.


What is the duty cycle of your transmitter (the time it will stay ON)?

For example, Blue tooth is a frequency hopping device. It hops 1600
hop/sec. This means the duty cycle for it is 625usec.

Best Regards,


Thanks Firas,

The transmitter which I want to detect the cycle for (You are correct
that I
want to find that repitition cycle). I am little bit confused to know
is the duty cycle of it. But I can simply tell that it always transmitt
fix packet (with bitrate=500kbps) of 1220 micro sec including preamble.
means that after every T ms (T is repetition cycle time and can be a
value from range: 1ms…200ms, I selected 10ms for ablove given data) it
transmitts a 1220 microsec long signal.

Is it sufficient???

Could you have a look at code and especially the decimation process and

Best Regards

Firas A. wrote:



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