Re: convert old Gnu Radio applications

On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 5:08 PM, 王先达 [email protected] wrote:

Hello Sylvain
Thank you very much.
But another question i want to ask.Where can i find
the document of function and class which are in the new api?These document
can provide all the meaning of the function and class written by c++.And
the document of api is so obscure that i can’t find the frequently-used
function for example the basic function for the transmit and receive.Now i
want to write the basic transmit and receive modules by c++.And after i
written it,which folder i place it?Thank you very much.

The short answer is, you can place the folder at any place you like,
usually within your home directory.

Step 1.
cd to the place where you want to place your module folder, says,
Create your out-of-tree module by using command: “gr_modtool newmod
This will create the folder /home/xianda/gr-xianda in the current

Step 2.
cd to /home/xianda/gr-xianda
Create the transmit block by using command: “gr_modtool add -t source

( refer