Re: Computer Science Math - For the Uninitiated

Dear Bryan,

maybe you’ll find it helpful to have a look at the algorithms described
e.g. , _
( .

You’ll find a description of how the algorithm works, in plain English,
pseudocode, using much of the notation you find so unfamiliar.

For more encyclopedic requirements, there are the books:

Algorithms, by Robert Sedgewick,

and The Art of Computer Programming, by Donald Knuth , 3 vols ( an
Combinatorial Optimization, by Alexander Schrijver, 3 vols or one CD
impressive also),

Best regards,


Algorithms, by Robert Sedgewick,

Are you serious about this? “Algorithms” is the Pascal edition. One of

  • Algorithms in C
  • Algorithms in C++
  • Algorithms in Java

seems a better choice to me. They are all by Robert Sedgewick.

Josef ‘Jupp’ Schugt

There’s a book, MASTERING ALGORITHMS WITH PERL, that I’ve used in the
past to refresh my memory on some basic algorithms from my college
CompSci days. It’s a very easy to read and understand book, and will
take you through all sorts of algorithms, including parsing trees,
doing sorts, etc. Obviously, it’s done in Perl, but that’s not all
that different from Ruby, really.