Re: Chunky Bacon

Gavin K. wrote:

From: Cameron, Gemma (UK) [mailto:[email protected]]

Although back to the initial question wtf (excuse my language) has

of this to do with ruby or coding…?!

If you read “Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby” you’ll soon learn how
Chunky Bacon (and cartoon > foxes) are relevant to Ruby.

Actually I meant supermarket brands and condiments!

And I would never dream of having HP on a steak! It’s brown sauce! Quite
tangy! A good alternative to ketchup with your breakfast (Full English
of course!)

And I think Brighton might be a little too far for me, maybe we could
arrange somewhere north or west of London J2M?


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I have to delurk and admit to being both Australian and living in
London… I would never try and force that nasty Vegemite stuff on
anyone though. HP, on the other hand, is an acceptable occasional
substitute for proper BBQ sauce.

if anyone wants a beer on a Friday, either in the City/Blackfriars or
NW-something, I might be able to go. I go to Brighton only rarely; if
I want maddening crowds Oxford Circus is close enough.

To keep on topic (!), I don’t know about why and his chunky bacon.
His writing is just too crazed for me to follow and I end up no wiser
and with a headache, but a lot of people can’t get enough of him.

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