Re: changes to extname_spec.rb

You are right, when I ran against MRI I got the “”. In my case IÂ always
use _why’s web page to test the results and unfortunatly the result was
“.bashrc”, you see I trust _why :slight_smile:
So if this has to match MRI, yes, then I need to change the code. Let me

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Subject: Re: [Ironruby-core] changes to extname_spec.rb

Unnikrishnan N. wrote:

One more spec change. Could you please review line 8 of this spec, it
should read

  File.extname(".bashrc").should == “.bashrc”

instead of

  File.extname(".bashrc").should == “”
Quick question:Â are the specs supposed to ensure that IronRuby matches
MRI’s behaviour, or just that it’s internally consistent? I get this in

irb(main):001:0> File.extname(".bashrc")
=> “”

Also in YARV:

irb(main):002:0> File.extname(".bashrc")
=> “”

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