Re: Capistrano deployment pathname error

it seems the ‘pathname’ file is missing. Do you have all the
dependencies of
Rails/Capistrano properly installed?
I think your app is OK, its just the installation of core libraries
which is
missing something.

I’ve double-checked the Rails/Capistrano installations on both my
dev. machine and deployment machine. Each is installed with all
dependencies. Also, when I invoke the reaper process manually it
works fine. It’s only when it is invoked from Capistrano that it does
not work.

If you have ever “upgraded” rails
(some of us have recently), you may need to run:

rails .

on the current dir to replace the older script/process/reaper tasks.

I tried this as well. The reaper script was not replaced or updated
by the “rails .” command. Neither was boot.rb.

Perplexing. Any other thoughts?


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