Re: Can Nginx serve big static file?

I found that nginx-0.6.32 sends big static file chunked 32k every time.
And you can set : “sendfile on;”. That’s quite useful.



发件人: Gio
发送时间: 2009-01-09 14:23:38
收件人: nginx
主题: Can Nginx serve big static file?

Dear list,

I have a server with small RAM (2GB), 2xCPU, HDD w/o RAID. I currently
run Apache to serve some static files (big, 100MB -> 1GB). Apache got
sick when trying to handle about 300 connections. It consumes almost of
RAM (about 90%), causes server down (CPU load is very small). I have an
idea to change to nginx. Have anyone use nginx to do smth similar? Can
you share some exp and results?



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