Re: can i use just like C# and

Personally I’m more interested in the deployment story of ruby
frameworks in IIS. MVC is fantastic, and I’m not going to complain if
I can use ironruby, but the story that’s really intersting to me is
deploying a rails or merb app on my companies IIS server without
having to ask IT to install anything.

That being said, Ivan’s point about extening existing apps
with new ironruby code does sound nice. Hanselman explained that an app can have both web forms and MVC pages, so using ironruby
in those scenarios would be nice.

Since the MVC dispatcher uses reflection, I wonder if it would be hard
to make that happen. Will an IR assembly respond to reflection queries
the same as a .net assembly, or is there an additional layer of
indirection that the dlr adds?


This is reason why I’m also excited about IronRuby. I’ve looked at a lot
web frameworks, and Rails (and now to a degree Merb) still come out on

Unfortunately, there are a lot of larger organisations that require .NET
solutions because that is the infrastructure they have - they don’t
care what lanuage it uses, as long as it will run on IIS and talk to
MSQL server.

For me, this isn’t as much about the language as much as it is about the

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